Things To Do..


  • Announcer for Petra Campus Radio
  • Begin of Career Day.. *Divisi Acara*
  • Work for the paper.. with my 'pal'.. for another tuesday, kya kya..
  • Interview for MOTION..
  • Preparing for Easter Project Choir..
  • Announcement for Communication Day.. *Acara lagi..*
  • Announcement for Petra Music Competition *KONSUMSI, hahaha..*
  • Translating the "MPS: Qualitative Research"
  • Barber shop day!!!


  • Career Day again... so busy with all the stuff here..
  • Studying.. from morning til afternoon.. (7am - 4 pm)
  • Deadline of Thoery Communication Paper!!
  • Deadline of Mass Communication Paper!!
  • Interview for P3K MaBa 2008
  • Band.. band.. and band.. SMILEE... :)


  • Announcer for Petra Campus Radio.. *hoho*
  • MC for PT. Bernofarm.. Career Day AGAIN..
  • Playing at "Dude Gede" Telkomsel.. Just planning..
  • Choir for Easter Project Concert, with Bobby One Way..

    Inside my heart shouting: AAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH....!!!!!


                        ibnuakmal said...

                        Duh sibuk beneur... artis berat deh loe Dan wakakakakkk